Festival & Shows
since 2013

Since 2013 Annibale Records is bringing to Florence the best psychedelic, exotic, rock bands from all over the world.

Some of the bands that performed for Annibale Night:

10 000 Russos, Above The Tree & E-Side, Acid Baby Jesus, Acid Tongue, Appaloosa, Aquaserge, Barmudas, Bazooka, Bee Bee Sea, Big Mountain County, Blondi’s Salvation, Blue Crime, Boy Toy, Cool Ghouls, Cruel Experience, Dead Coast, Dead Ghosts, Dead Meadow, Death Valley Girls, Dee Diglers, Elephant Stone, Elius Inferno & the Magic Octagram, Escobar, Ethel Floon, Fallimento, Fantastic Bra, Forever Pavot, Freez, Ghost Wolves, Gianni Giublena Rosacroce, Giöbia, Go!Zilla, Holiday Inn, Indianizer, J.C. Satan, Jessica 93, Kavier Special, King Khan & BBQ Show, L.A. Witch, L’Albero, Lame, Las Pipas De La Paz, Levitation Room, Libido Fuzz, Maggie’s Mashmallows, Malanga & Baby Blue, Marc Tesla, Maria Violenza, Max Pain and The Groovies, Mighty Sand, Moaning Cities, Moodwel, Moonwalks, Movie Star Junkies, Mum Drinks Milk Again, New Candys, Night Beats, Parking Lots, Pet Aloud, Plastic Man, Rollercoaster Kills, Saint Agnes, Sangue di Rapa, Sex Pizzul, Sonic Jesus, Sound Sweet Sound, Soviet Soviet, Steal Shit Do Drugs, Stratocastors, Sugar Candy Mountain, Sunnyvale Creeperz, Sycamore Age, Tanks and Tears, Temperature, The Abigails, The Blues Against Youth, The Cogs, The Gentlemens, The Lee Van Cleef’s Lost Finger, The Mauskovic Dance Band, The Myrrors, The Oscillation, The Pussywarmers & Réka, The Richmond Sluts, The Rippers, The Shivas, The Staches, The Vickers, Undisco Kidd, We Melt Chocolate, Weird Omen, Whales, Whales!, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Yo No Se, Zombie Zombie and more to come!